Prints are on their way!

We had an exciting day yesterday as we picked up half of our pre-orders from Itty Bitty Press! The first 50 orders will be available for pickup on Tuesday, February 17th. All remaining orders will be available by Friday, February 20th. We can’t wait to see these on walls very soon!


Introducing… “Sweet Harrisonburg”

Our first product is finally here! This screen printed 12″ X 18″ poster is currently in production, but we’re taking pre-orders now! We’re offering two purchase options for you… an unframed print for $20 and a framed print for $50. And remember, 100% of our profit is donated to Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance. Local designers Matt Leech and Jeff Guinn have created a one-of-a-kind print that brings together all of the Harrisonburg favorites. Take a closer look at the final design below and pre-order your own today! (Only a limited supply available, so hurry!)


“Sweet Harrisonburg”

2-Color Screen Print on 12×18″ Heavy Construction Paper

Our First Product Is Underway!

In the past week, we have made some great moves. Our first product is currently being designed and developed. We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with two local artists to bring you a screen printed Harrisonburg graphic poster! This poster is being designed to highlight the charm and life of Harrisonburg and will be handcrafted with high quality standards.

We are so excited to have this product available online very soon. Once the design is ready to print we will be taking pre-orders.

Who are the artists? Stay tuned, we look forward to highlighting their talents very soon!

Coming soon… everything

Hello and welcome to our company blog! At this point in time, we are making many decisions regarding our business goals and are looking forward to sharing our product with you very soon. Our company name, domain address, and product will all develop shortly! As a group, we are excited about creating something that truly embodies the spirit of the Harrisonburg community. Our town is a very special and unique place, and we are often excited to see how Harrisonburg grows each year. With that said, the profits from our ventures will (in full) be donated to benefit the Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance.

What is the Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance?

HDR is a non-profit organization helping to lead growth of Harrisonburg’s downtown heart. Revitalizing downtown into a vibrant and cultural city center is at the heart of their mission, and the organization strives to promote downtown through events, attractions, and awards that set ‘The Burg’ apart from other communities. To achieve this, HDR works in collaboration with public and private partners: government officials, businesses, property owners, residents, James Madison University and other key stakeholders to develop and implement a comprehensive vision and master plan that preserves downtown’s historic charm while making it a destination for people to live, work, shop, dine, and play.

We know Harrisonburg locals take a lot of pride in this city and we are more than happy to partner with HDR to build community goals. Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming product and how you make a donation to this organization through your purchase.

In the meantime, we would also like to briefly introduce ourselves. We’re looking forward to meeting more people in this community, so here are some fun facts to break the ice.

Elf Bauserman, Product Lead

Became a mom in 2014 (“And my son’s Birthday is the same day as my mom’s!”)

Owns a rifle for deer hunting

Thinks “humongous” is a funny word

Chris Meyers, Market Lead

Couldn’t leave Harrisonburg after graduating from JMU

Enjoys homemade mashed potatoes and gelato (separately)

Strives to reach destinations without pit stops

Naureen Versi, Channel Lead

Wants to travel the world

Missed Harrisonburg after undergrad, so returned for her MBA

Speaks three languages

So that’s us and that’s a vague glimpse into our business. Looking forward to sharing more with you soon and raising money to impact Downtown Harrisonburg!