Matt Leech is a native Virginian. He has spent a decade consulting creatively for a diverse client base throughout the United States. Matt first moved to Harrisonburg for college, spending four years earning a BFA in printmaking from James Madison University. After residing in Washington, D.C. and Charlottesville, VA, Matt relocated back to the valley and began working independently with businesses to better develop their visual presentation in their communities. Matt currently works under the name Matt + The Leeches, where he designs brands and consults on marketing strategies for individuals, small companies, and large organizations. In 2014, Matt helped develop materials for various businesses, including breweries, real estate firms, universities, vineyards, clothing boutiques and food trucks.

“I fell in love with the arts culture of Harrisonburg in 2002 when I made my first trip downtown to attend a show at the Food Not Bombs space (which is now 10,000 Villages). Never before had I seen such a tight-knit, welcoming, and talented group of individuals come together to celebrate the arts. I was fortunate enough to spend time touring the US with various bands over the years, and coming home to Harrisonburg was always a treat. Not just because I got to sleep in my own bed, but because the uplifting spirit of this community is unrivaled. It’s been a privilege to watch this resilient town grow over the last thirteen years, and I’m honored to have called this place home during some of the most exciting, trying, and joyous times in my life.”   –   –


Jeff Guinn grew up in the Harrisonburg area and attended Spotswood High School and James Madison University. Following graduation he moved to Virginia Beach where he worked several jobs related to the fields of art and design, including 3 years as a designer for the clothing brand Blac Label Premium.  In 2011 Jeff and his wife Emily returned to Harrisonburg and became part owners of The Mark-It screen printing and embroidery shop.  In addition to operating The Mark-It, Jeff does freelance design and artwork.  He has recently shown artwork at Larkin Arts’ Wine-Riner Gallery, the Arts Council of the Valley’s Darrin-McHone Gallery, and several local restaurants and bars.  Some of his recent design clients include the Rocktown Beer and Music Festival, the Whole Bean Coffee Company, and the Valley Roots Team real estate group.  Jeff was also one of the artists behind the Harrisonburg LOVEworks sculpture, located near the Turner Pavilion.

“There is something unique about the community of Harrisonburg that I have not experienced in any other place.  Rather than seeing other people as competition, in most endeavors people in Harrisonburg operate under an unspoken assumption that “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  There is so much collaboration and mutual promotion that truly amazing and unique things happen here. You can see this specifically in the arts in the form of Macrock, The Super Gr8 Film Festival, the Skatan Worshipers skateboard art show, and many other projects that incorporate a wide variety of people and creative impulses.  I feel fortunate to be in a community that values the arts and provides many outlets and opportunities to involve people in them.”   –